Hey. This is the web site of Courtney Hulbert.

I first started to write novels (I've written poetry in one form or another all of my life) when I was sitting in a shed waiting to get out of the Army in 1989 and was reading something trashy. I remember clear as day the thought of "I could do better than this!" So started, there and then, with a pencil.

With the browning leaves of the autumn (fall) 2014 came a diagnosis of PPMS and an uncertain future so I turned my back on a lucrative IT career in order to indulge myself in my forever hobby and become a full time writer. Some 20 years in IT was not a rich open cast mine for characters and plot in my kind of fiction, but seven years in the British Army's Intelligence Corps was, including the bit where I was sitting in the shed, and my experiences with other units was the fabric of Chasing the Dark Clouds which explored some of the darker underground places our minds can go.

Chasing the Dark Clouds and my other work is available on Kindle or direct from my publishers at green eye coeur presse.

I've been an avid reader all of my life. Lawrence Block would approve. A listener, too, now audio books exist, and they are easier to absorb when you're driving. I have an eclectic taste which revolves around genre like seasons in a year, and since there have been two hundred odd seasons in my fifty years on this planet, that's a lot of genres.

In other news, this is my dog Zen. He's not relevant to my writing but I love him to bits and he saved my life last year so is invariably a high percentage of the content of my modern photography. I'll post a bunch of piccies of him somewhere on the site - he's prettier than me. More photogenic too.

He's part of an organisation he, his brother and his brother's mum, my editor Sophie and I run, it's a charitable organisation called Shepherding the Mind. It's based in Cheltenham, England, and uses dogs and horses for diverting people away from depression and some of the bad stuff that can happen because of it.

I used to do a lot of cookery (before MS took out my fine motor control of fingers) so wrote a book about that. 'Specially curries: Dragons breathing fire!

This site is undergoing a severe face lift at the moment and will be focused primarily on the writing side of my life. You can find out more stuff out about me outside of writing, especially about the effect on my life of Multiple Sclerosis by a short trip down the rabbit hole that is this quote from the Lays of Ancient Rome. I like to take photographs too, and they can add a note of pleasure for the eye on a text-driven website, they will be scattered here and there. I hope you will allow me the conceit. You will be able to find more foties also on fearfulodds (bear in mind it's having a hair cut too.)

Have a good rummage round the site. Gx